1 Describe the project: room size, lighting task, usage hours, etcetera.
If you choose strict, lux level and spacing will have to meet tighter restrictions.
For gelijkmatigheid (uniformity) you can choose between average and no requirements.
2 Then you choose the sorting order of the generated solutions:
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in 3 years placed first.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in 5 years placed first
Lowest One Time Cost (install, product + lamps) placed first.
Lowest Annual Energy Cost placed first.
Lowest Number of Luminaires placed first.
Lowest Installed Power Consumption placed first.
Lowest Average Lux Value placed first. Can be lower than specified as room edges are ignored.
3 A shortlist of solutions meeting the criteria will be shown. From this you pick to examine details.
4 This will show a project description, floorplan, product detail and economic calculation.